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The etymology of the word ‘Zenix’ comes from the combination between the word ‘Zen’, the essence of the Buddhism, the word ‘matrix’, meaning the matrix through which is structured the reality, and ‘fenix’ (phoenix), as movement towards oneself and to be reborn from your ashes and arise to a new life, a new reality.

Zenix is a system of syncretic knowledge suitable for the revaluation of the individual and his release from all behavioral and emotional programs, and from the belief systems that limit the individual. This release causes an alteration of our reality that restructures itself based on the new parameters and mental territories.

In Zenix we often use metaphores because they are a communicative and functional tool. In allegorical and metaphorical language of this system we use terms such as ‘crack’, meaning in the computer jargon a program created in order to go beyond the protection systems of another program. This “another program” we just refer to is: “your” mind being everything but yours.

The purpose of Zenix is our self-deprogramming of this mind of others, namely to consciously reject all those mental programs that over the time were inbedded within our inner system and that generate automated responses in our interaction with “our” system of representation, namely, with what we naively believe to be the reality.
These mental uncoscious programs are sending in a redundant loop our life confining us within a rigid personality with the robot traits, but Zenix want to remind us that the ego is a neural program not our identity.

If one doesn’t clear the unconscious’ hard disk of the programs infesting it, the Programmer will plan the reality instead of us. The Programmer is the sum of all unconscious software that structures “our” experience and its related believe system.

Zenix is an applied system, a mental upgrade for the conscious training of the reality hackers (programmer of the reality). A reality hacker is an expert of metaprogram and metalanguage, the source code that structures the reality and the perception we have of it, that reveals how and why the mental programs are created and the way to bypass them, so to be free of the forced game that traps man in the virtual reality that the society sees as real.

The particular syncretism of Zenix reveals itself by the use of ancient techniques, with an oriental, shamanic or Renaissance magic matrix, deprived of ritualistic, philosophical and metaphysical content, remaining at the essential such as in the Buddhism Zen, together to processes and elements of the so called Neurolinguistic Programming and border studies of the neuroscience, biology and physics.

In synergy to this fusion of knowledge systems – among ancient wisdom, millenary reawakening practices and modern researches of the Western sciences concerning the mind, the human potentials and the nature of reality – it employs the most modern tools available and able to help the mind of the practitioner to achieve the hemispherical syncronization, namely a neurological state at a broader spectrum of knowledge.

For those who will not be satisfied to use the techniques only for their personal self-improvement and will continue in this knowledge system, attributes such as success, power and personal satisfaction, must be submitted to the next step.

In Zenix we use the Western term ‘will’ to simplify the communication, but it implicitly makes a reference to the Sanskrit term sadhana (spiritual discipline) from the root sadh meaning application of the will, training, activity towards the achievement of a goal.

Zenix doesn’t consider the man in terms of will of might – moving away from how the latter is used in the society and from the aggressive NLP mainstream that teaches the voluntary manipulation on his fellow man – but in terms of will towards a higher purpose corresponding to the will to understand.

Zenix means with the terms ‘will’ the higher meaning of sadhana, recovered in the Schopenhauer’s philosophy where it is intended as will of life that affirms itself beyond representation (illusion) to be sublimate in noluntas, or unwillingness, to lead our conscious to complete with our unconscious.

Zenix want to be a Dōjō (place where you follow your own way), a mental training whereby to train our will, means of defense and offense whereby to protect ourselves from the reality of others creating our reality. This method does not want to limit itself to be a program of self-improvement, or a tool of solitary psychoanalysis, but it wants to be a portal towards the ultimate goal: the satori.

The literal meaning of the Japanese term ‘satori’ means ‘to understand’ and it refers to a permanent enlightenment. In human experience, the satori is never a single package coming miraculously; before to reach this level of achievement, we experience the constellation of small ‘satori’ more or less permanent – called kensho in the Zen – that make us to understand some aspects about ourselves and the nature of the reality. These small achievements are important because they are milestones of the path leading to the great satori.

Zenix has an experiential approach in our spiritual personal path and it consists simply in always making direct experience of what we study or what we are taught. We should never believe blindly anything that was actually not experienced by us, rather keep it in the reign of the hypotheses or probabilities until it has passed the fire wall of our direct experience.
When we know really something we don’t need to believe it because we know by direct experience that it is so. If we remain believers we are among those who haven’t experienced or who believe to have it made when it is not so. In fact it’s necessary also to pay much attention to the self-deception where all of us continually fall. It is the effect of our belief systems that make us believe you’re holding the “absolute truth” and, thus, this our act of faith does not allow us to question our old dogmas. This our fideistic arrogance doesn’t allow us to grow and expand our minds toward larger paradigms where to redefine ourselves and our perception of reality.

Zenix is not a cult or a religion, nor it wants to be so, here we are not giving any revelation. Perhaps cults and religions reveal… namely, as says the word itself, they veil once again something in order to the truth apparently unveiled is even more disguised. Zenix is an irreverent glimpse to this veil of ignorance with the purpose to strip our belief systems and the artificial reality that surrounds us and that distracts us from us, from our inner power and our right to the freedom and individuality.

To understand who we are and what powers we have, you must embark on a passionate study on ourselves and on the interaction of our mind with the environment around us. Observing how we behave, we discover how much power we’re giving outside of us and, therefore, how the environment affects us and how from this interaction the physical, psychological and spiritual slavery develops.

In summary, Zenix aims to introduce a method created to make us more able and happy in life, giving us the most powerful practices learned over twenty-five years of research and, jointly, the new and original techniques for the shaping of reality that will help to remove all the limits that stifle our potential and annihilate our dreams and goals we want to achieve. By removing the limitations in ourselves we’ll remove the limitations in our reality, reality that is just a mirror of what we are. Knowing ourselves is essential to have access to Matrix codes and its related shaping of reality as our own mind is the code.