Riccardo Tristano Tuis

Writer, composer and independent researcher.

Since over twenty-five years the author follows a path of research leading him to study and practise various courses ranging from the shamanism to the Gnostic schools to the Zen, getting through the NLP and studies of the border sciences.

The author is insterested in the development of human potentialities through the study of the mental programs structuring the awareness and the perception and in the interaction between mind and matter and related codes of reality shaping, leading him to create a method-school named Zenix whereby to access own mental conscious and unconscious programs, to solve them and attain a new and more advance mental level whereby to program own potentials and reality.

His researches in the field of the coscience led him to experience the effect of the frequencies in the human cerebral activity, leading him to create what has become the Neurosonic Programming, a neurotechnology for the synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres the purpose of which is the increase of the perceptual, meditative and intuitive skills. The author writes occasionally for various magazines such as Nexus New Times, Scienza e Conoscenza, Fenix, Punto Zero, Mistero Magazine and X Times and he is often guest of meetings and conferences as rapporteur.