Neurosonic Programming

Neurosonic Programming is the most innovative you can find among the audio works of neuro-programming and welfare. This work was created to bring the listener to a deeper state of awareness and it can be used to lower the stress levels after a long day, and stimulate the sleep to a meditation practice.

The sonorous movements are based on the Fibonacci frequencies and the binaural beats are used to create a differential sound at 8 Hz. The 8 hertz are the frequency sustaining our biology and our health, from the cellular mitosis, to the rebalance of the central nervous system to the hemispherical synchronization, able to make us increase the susceptibility to learn being more creative and, more generally, having a more brilliant mind.

The strict protocols whereby this work is created make use of a intonation at 432 Hz but, unlike of the music at 432 Hz, in the Neurosonic Programming is used the golden scale, where to a single frequency of the note corresponds a direct multiple of the 8, in order to increase the wave consistency.

The purpose of the neural programming consists in the removal of the neuro-emotional paths that are limiting us – leading us to be fustrated and unsatisfied – substituting them for new neural nets that make us more proficient, creative and happy in any aspect of our life. this work is for all the people interested in the self-improvement and development of human potential.